Cookies Policy


1. You, the visitor, hereby accept that BetReligion will collect and process the following information about your computer and/or mobile device and/or electronic equipment, including log files, the type of operating system, email client and browser, your IP address, various information about the traffic, time and date, information regarding visits to the website, your activity, details on accesses, system notifications, and settings. All this activity information will be collected and securely stored solely for the following purposes: systems administration, website functionality, the appropriate delivery of our services, and to ensure the safety and further reinforcement of system integrity (to prevent all unauthorised access and to prevent hacker attacks).

2. BetReligion intend to make use of cookies to ensure the website can run and function correctly. Cookies are small bits of record-keeping information that websites create and store on your computer and/or mobile device and/or electronic equipment, these are then used to identify you and your activity (which will now be referred to as ‘Cookies’ from hereafter). Personal data and/or names and/or email addresses are not typically stored by Cookies, as they primarily use unidentified data that is necessary to provide better functionality.

3. Cookies stored on your computer, mobile device, and/or electronic equipment through which you access and make use of the BetReligion website will have the following functions, along with others without any limitation:

  • The allocation of access to protected areas of which you have requested; without these Cookies, the types of services that you have requested, such as accessing protected login areas, cannot be provided.
  • Recalling the settings and/or choices that you have made as well as supporting user recognition via the use of Visiting Cookies. Functionality may be compromised without such Cookies.
  • Enhancing the website loading time by distributing timing optimisation and workload via the specific use of the Load Balancing Session Cookies. The overall functionality of the website may be lost without the use of these Cookies.
  • The ability to save your website interface setting in the case of any repeat visits through the use of User Interface Cookies.
  • The capability of Cookies that will synchronise your data with social networks.
  • The collection of anonymous data based on how you make use of the website through Performance (Analytical) Cookies.
  • Delivering relevant advertisements to you and to also help enhance the overall efficiency of our advertisement campaigns via Advertising Cookies. Furthermore, you accept the fact that BetReligion may also utilise these Advertising Cookies for its own advertisement campaigns as well.
  • The ability for third-party vendors, such as Google, to utilise Cookies to serve advertisements based around your previous visits to the website and other websites as well.
  • The use of Advertising Cookies by Google allows itself and its various partners to serve advertisements to our users which are based on previous visits to our website and/or other websites on the internet.
  • You reserve the right to opt out of this personalised advertising by clicking through to Ads Settings

4. BetReligion may also work alongside third parties and allow them to store and utilise their own personal advertisement and performance (analytics) Cookies. These Cookies on your computer and/or mobile device and/or electronic equipment will collect information from our BetReligion Cookies, for the sole purpose of storing and analysing information regarding your own preferences and to enhance the quality of the services being provided. In all cases that are linked to third parties, they are bound to the terms covered here. BetReligion also guarantees that fully reputable and trustworthy third parties will only ever be allowed to take part in this way.

5. You, as a registered member at BetReligion, accept, understand, and convey your explicit consent that BetReligion may collect, store, and utilise the use of Cookies in your computer and/or mobile device and/or electronic equipment, through which you access the BetReligion website. BetReligion will also continue to presume that you will carry on agreeing to this consent until you disable the use of Cookies via the settings. By granting your consent, you are giving BetReligion an opportunity to better understand your individual preferences, and then also enhance and develop the quality of the services being provided on this website. You also agree that without the use of these Cookies then this website may not function appropriately and to its most optimum level.