Privacy Policy

BetReligion is fully committed to respecting our visitors’ overall privacy and also to the compliance of all the appropriate data protection laws. BetReligion guarantees all visitors that all non-public personal data (as it is defined in the General Data Protect Regulation, also known as the “GDPR”, Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Council of the 27 April 2016) is managed honestly, legally, and in full accordance with good business practice. Moreover, it is also guaranteed that all personal data is only gathered for the specific purposes which are known, and accepted by the visitor, when that said visitor decides to make use of the BetReligion website.


1. BetReligion is a group of entities that has been established and is operating internationally to provide betting opportunities to its visitors. Anyone who has any legal interests into this established operation are free to acquire a full listing of those entities who form the group by sending us an email to: [email protected]

2. All non-public personal data is to be controlled by BetReligion, a Cyprus company. Your data will be accessible to all group entities and may be handled by any one or more of the associated group entities. All entities within the BetReligion brand strictly adhere to all the appropriate safeguards and protection protocols in line with EU law for the processing and management of all non-public personal data.



3. BetReligion collects data that the visitor voluntarily provides in order to access features of:

  • Contact details: Visitors may voluntarily provide us with specific contact details, including data such as your full name and your email address.
  • Voluntary data: We may gather up data which you voluntarily provide us with. For example, times when you communicate with us and share details about yourself via email or any other manner of communication.
  • Device data: We collect various details and connection data in relation to your device, hardware or software that is able to identify you, including: IP address, browser fingerprinting, geo-location data, or your device’s unique identifiers, for example, your MAC, IMEI, and/or UDID address.
  • Social networks: When you voluntarily agree to register through your social network account (Facebook, for example), we will gain access to basic pieces of data from that particular social network account. This data may include your name, your birth date, your profile picture, and your friends’ list, including any information that you have made openly available on that social network account.
  • Furthermore, when using the services made available on our website, you may be given the option to “Invite a Friend” via your social network to make use of our services. In the case when a person accepts your invitation, we may then acquire various pieces of personal data from their account, such as the name, the email address, phone number(s), and their date of birth. We will make use of this personal data for the purposes set out herein, and we may disclose this information to third parties only, as detailed within this Privacy Policy.
  • Data we collect from third parties: We collect personal data from third-party service providers. This particular information may include data on your credit history from credit agencies, other financial information which may be related to BetReligion providing you our services, and this includes any information which is collected in order to validate your personal identity and to prevent fraudulent or illegal activity.
  • Non-Personal Data

The second category of data is based on un-identified and non-identifiable data concerning any one of our visitor(s), which may become accessible or collected via the visitor’s use of the services (“Non-Personal Data”).

This non-personal data that is being collected is comprised of aggregated usage information as well as technical data, and may also include, amongst further things, the visitor’s operating system, the type of browser, the browser and keyboard language, screen resolution, the period of time the visitor has been using the services and any related time stamps, the visitor’s click-stream and activities whilst using the services, etc.

To prevent any doubt, we will accept that all non-personal data linked or connected to any personal data will be considered as personal data, as long as such linkage or connection continues to exist.

Types of Non-Personal Data we collect from or about you:

  • Technical data: For us to improve upon our website functionality, the services that we offer, and to provide you with a better overall experience, technical data will be collected which has been transmitted by your computer, mobile, or electronic device. Such data includes hardware and software information (e.g. language preference, the type of operating system and browser that your device is using, your access time, and the website domain name from which you linked through to our services etc). This data also contains anonymous online identifiers including the IDFA and the Google Advertising ID.
  • App and device data: This data group contains the model and type of your device, the operating system of the device (such as iOS or Android), the SDK version, the system language, the mobile provider name, which mobile browser(s) are installed on the device (such as Safari or Chrome), usage data (such as information regarding the running of installed apps on the device), app history, the data relating to the downloads and installations of mobile apps and any further data regarding in-app events (in-app purchases, for example), anonymous identifiers allocated to the device, such as the Google Advertising ID, the iOS Identifier for Advertising (IDFA), or any other form of device identifier being used.
  • Location data: Data is collected regarding your general location (your city and country, for example). Your IP address may be used to identify your general location; however, this specific data will not tell us exactly where you and your device is currently located. This data is sent through as typical internet traffic. Furthermore, we also gather up indirect location data, which then will help us to understand whether you are either interested in a location or that you might even be at the location. Again, your precise location will not be obtainable through this data.
  • Ad data: The Ad data group contains information about all the online advertisements and the unique individualised content that we have served (or tried to serve) you, the visitor, on this website. This data comprises of information such as what exact page the advertisement appeared on, how many times an advertisement has been served to you on this website, if you viewed it or not, if you clicked or made any sort of interaction with the advertisement, any engagement history and whether you have visited the website of the advertiser, and whether you have downloaded an application or either purchased the service or product that has been advertised.
  • Analytics and log data: Data is gathered up regarding your use of the services on this website, such as the overall user activity (for example, the clicks, time spent on pages, unique actions, the referral URL, all pages viewed, etc), the usage of the applications, online browsing, log files, time stamps, alerts, etc. This data is being gathered for, along with other reasons, correcting system errors and bugs as well as for analytical and research purposes about your overall use of this website.
  • Other anonymous data: We may de-identify or anonymise the data collected from this website, or through alternative processes, so that the data cannot, on its own, directly identify you personally. The use of this de-identified data that has been collected is not restricted within this Privacy Policy. Henceforth, we may decide to disclose this data to other parties without any limitation for marketing, advertising, or any other purpose.


4. This website has not been designed nor is it directed to any persons under the age of 18, or any persons under the age of legal consent with regard to the use of this website within any jurisdiction, whichever comes as higher (“of legal age”). If you are not “of legal age”, you should not provide any personal data to us nor should you use or download this website, or any services offered on this website.

We, BetReligion, reserve the right to gain access to and validate any personal data that has been collected from you and your actions on this website. In any event in which we come across a person who is not of legal age, and they have shared data with us, we may delete that data. If you, or anyone that you know, has reason to believe that a person not of legal age, or otherwise known as a minor, has shared information with us, please contact us straight away at [email protected]


5. We use your personal data for all the purposes detailed underneath:

  • To make available and manage the website, such as to provide our partners with performance marketing, online promotional content, online consumer acquisition network, and user attribution.
  • To track the individual preferences and to make sure that this website is being presented in agreement with those individual preferences.
  • To market our website (see “Marketing” for more details below) and to serve advertisements to you, including advertising based on individual behaviours.
  • To perform statistical, analytical, and research purposes, which is then used to enhance and tailor the website to your individual requirements and interests (for example, assembling accumulated reports relating to the use of certain features or services on this website).
  • To assist and troubleshoot issues relating to this website and to respond to your questions and queries.
  • To allow us to advance and develop, adapt, and improve this website based on the shared preferences and uses of our visitors.
  • To detect and verify your overall access to specific services on this website.
  • To identify and avoid all illegal and fraudulent actions or any other activity that may endanger or negatively impact this website’s integrity. This also entails the swift identification of risks that are linked to your activities on this website.
  • To investigate any type of breach or violation that is in line with our policies and our User Agreement, in addition to administering our policies and the User Agreement.
  • To inspect and resolve any disagreements in relationship with your direct use of this website.
  • As required by law or regulation, or to react to an official government request, or as required by other legislative and governmental organisations, or to conform with a subpoena or any other related legal procedures.


6. BetReligion will use your personal data including details such as your name, telephone number, email address, and home address ourselves, or by means of our third party subcontractors for the sole purpose of serving you advertising materials, regarding the website or services, as well as other products, services, websites, and applications that connect to: (a) other establishments within the company; or (b) the company’s professional partners and affiliate associates (collectively known as: “Marketing Affiliates”), which we consider to be of interest to you.

BetReligion may also distribute and release personal data with our Marketing Affiliates with the objective of suggesting various promotional offers, which we, or the Marketing Affiliates that we work with, consider to be appropriate for you, the visitor. Our Marketing Affiliate associates may use this personal data for various marketing and advertising purposes, such as SMS, post, direct mail, and telephone marketing.

At any moment you may refuse to receive any additional marketing offers from either our business partners, our marketing affiliates, or us, by communicating with the team via [email protected]. Take note that even if you decide to unsubscribe and take yourself off of our official marketing mailing list, we may still maintain communication with you in relation to any service-related updates and official announcements.

7. BetReligion reserve the right to combine the data gathered from visitors along with data gathered from other sources, for example, any public databases, the suppliers of demographic data, any other third party, and from Google searches.


8. Any personal data collected from your device will be used:

  • To bring you the related service/s comprising:
  • the opening of your online BetReligion Account;
  • the processing and monitoring of all your transactions on the BetReligion Internet Site;
  • to conform to any legal duty involving all compliances connected to anti-money laundering rules; and
  • for our internal functions that involve the management and movement of all data mentioned, data analytics, market research, and for our internal record maintenance and/or to develop our website and services.


9. Your personal data may (for the direct reasons outlined in this policy) be moved or revealed to any business within the BetReligion group and, subject to suitable agreement with our third parties, for the administering of that personal data on our behalf, involving:

  • Telecommunications suppliers for SMS mobile interaction with our visitors.
  • Our payment facility suppliers based on your choices in order to manage your deposit and withdrawal payments.
  • Our ‘Know Your Customer’ providers after putting in place the predetermined contractual safety measures in order to protect your personal data, and to comply with our legal obligations.
  • Our associates and partners who ensure that your BetReligion experience is always a rewarding and satisfying one.


10. Since we are global operators, it may be deemed essential to relocate your personal data to countries that are located outside of the European Union. The laws and data protection rules controlled within these countries may not be as complete and thorough as those in the European Union.

We maintain and use our greatest efforts to safeguard your personal data and to try and make sure that it is protected in agreement with our own privacy policy. We do this by contractual means (for example, by using contractual clauses authorised by the relevant representatives for official data transfer protocols) or additional means (for example, to ensure that the jurisdiction in mention enforces suitable precautions for data protection).


11. We preserve your personal data only for as long as necessary for all legal, tax, and/or valid business interest grounds. Your data is maintained in either paper or electronic format or both. When we no longer require the data, it will be either be destroyed or deleted from our system(s). Should you ever want to acquire the agreed information on our exact data retention period of the personal data that we hold on you, please contact us on [email protected].


12. Your principal rights under the data protection law are:

  • The right to be notified about the personal non-public data that we gather and how we then handle and process it – the policy herein intends to provide you with that information.
  • The right to access – you reserve the right to acquire confirmation that your personal non-public data is being handled and processed, and you have the ability to access it.
  • The right to modification – you have the right to request change to any personal non-public data that we hold on you if that data transpires to be incorrect or incomplete.
  • The right of portability – you may ask us to pass on the personal data that we hold on you and which is portable at law in a defined, commonly used and machine-readable layout or to communicate that data to another data controller, in any case where it is technically possible.
  • The right to removal – you have the right to call for the removal of your personal data, which shall then be deleted or destroyed, unless there is a legal obligation or an acceptable business reason to keep handling or storing it.
  • The right to limit data processing – you have a right to limit or remove permission to the processing of your personal data. In any such instance, we are authorised to store your data, but we are not permissible to process it any further without an accepted legal responsibility or reason for us to continue processing it.

The right to oppose to data processing for specific reasons by law, such as:

  • Processing founded on legitimate purposes or the performance of a task in the public concern or in the use of official authority.
  • Direct marketing, as well as profiling to a point that it is related to such marketing interests.
  • Processing for historical or scientific research reasons or for the purpose of statistics; and
  • You hold the right to report a complaint with the related supervisory groups if you believe that your data has not been handled or processed in accordance with GDPR, and the Office of the Information and Data Protection Commissioner which is the lead supervisory organisation in Cyprus.

13. In the case of any requests in extension to the above, please contact us on [email protected]. We shall strive to respond at the very earliest moment and look into your request by no later than 30 days from receipt of your message by us.


14. We take the utmost attention and care in applying and preserving the security of this website as well as your data. We utilise the appropriate technological and physical safety defences to help avoid unlawful and unauthorised access, to sustain data security, and to correctly use the data that we gather online. These various security safeguards fluctuate based on the sensitivity of the data that is stored and gathered from our visitors.

15. We utilise industry standard procedures and mechanisms to ensure the safety of the data of our visitors, such as:

  • Secure network topology and this comprises of intrusion deterrence and the appropriate security system firewalls.
  • Encrypted communication.
  • Access and Authentication Control.
  • Internal and External audit reviews and tests; etc.
  • Even though we take sufficient actions to protect the data and information, we cannot be accountable for the actions of persons who gain unauthorized access or abuse and mistreat this website. We also make no warranty, communicate, implied or otherwise, that we will or can avoid such access.


16. The data controller accountable for your personal data for the principles of the applicable European Union data protection law is:

BetReligion, ATTN: Data Protection Officer, 1 Evangelistrias, Gladstonos, Limassol 3031, Cyprus. Email: [email protected]


We will occasionally make alterations and corrections to this Privacy Policy and we will notify you by posting and announcing the changes on this website, and also by sending out an email or message regarding the changes made. We will also give you the opportunity to consent and agree to these material changes. All changes will be effective upon the posting and your acceptance of the changes.